Shawn and Mandi worked at Carly’s Bat Mitzvah this weekend at The Apartment – a classy, swanky, hip venue that’s associated with Todd Events.  It is such an amazing venue that it doesn’t even need much decor added.  If you haven’t checked out the venue or todd.event design.creative services, you’re missing something amazing for your next soiree.  Check out their Ideas tab for inspiration.

One of the elements of the party that stood out to Shawn came when it was time for the montage – the video that showed Carly’s life and accomplishments via photos.  As the kids sat down to watch the montage, they were handed milk and a huge cookie.  Simple but brilliant.  Everyone was quiet, fully focused, and it made the mini-movie that much more enjoyable.  Any time you can create an experience and incorporate multiple senses, the event stays with you longer.

This is also one of the reasons flip books are such a hit at parties.  Guests dress up in feather boas or hats, act out a short skit, watch the video replay on the screen…and less than 90 seconds later, thumb through a flipbook with their video inside.  Instead of simply standing in front of a screen and smiling for a photo, the flip books create an experience.  An experience that many people still have not tried yet, which makes the party stand out even more.

So, next time you are throwing a dinner party with friends or planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration for 200, think about how you can create an experience rather than simply an event.  Appealing to the senses in subtle ways is a great way to make your party different from the next.