When I think back to the variety of brides we’ve worked with, I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter the size of the guest list, the budget, or the age of the betrothed, our brides have 4 main characteristics in common:

#4 –  “Looking for something unique” Many of our brides see the photo booths at the bridal shows, but tell me that they chose the flipbooks because most of their guests have never experienced the flipbook studio before.  It’s a fun way to stand out from every other wedding they have been to (which can start to blend together)!

#3 –  “It’s all in the details” Brides nowadays are adding finishing touches to their wedding by continuing a design element throughout the whole wedding.  This could be a monogram, a pattern or a certain blend of colors.  It can range anywhere from monogrammed hand towels in the restroom to dramatic lighting and a gobo of the couple’s names across the dance floor.  The key is personalization and tying the elements together during the evening.  Custom designed and professionally printed flipbook covers are a simple way to personalize the wedding and give guests a keepsake to take home.

#2 –  “Keeps the guests entertained” Not everyone is gonna shake their groove thang on the dance floor all night.  The idea is to get the guests moving around the room – set up a candy bar with little bags for guests to take home treats, a flipbook studio so guests have a custom keepsake to remember the night and, if there are going to be quite a few little ones in attendance, set up an area where they can decorate their own miniature wedding cake.

#1 –  “Brides and grooms just wanna have FUN!” This is the #1 factor that all of our brides and grooms have in common – they want to have a blast at their wedding reception!   They know that the crowd of people they are inviting are going to want to party and celebrate with them.  It won’t take long for Aunt Marge and Uncle Frank to throw on a feather boa, hold up the ‘I Love You’ sign and give each other a big smooch for the camera.  And in under 90 seconds, they know Aunt Marge will be making the rounds showing off her flipbook and recruiting fellow participants.  They also know that the fun and buzz created at the party will continue long after the night ends as Aunt Marge slips the flipbook in her purse to take to work on Monday.  “You should have been to my niece’s wedding this weekend…What a BLAST!…”