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Custom branded flipbooks – a tailored marketing message that won’t be tossed

A custom photo giveaway that won’t be tossed after the event!

PicFlips Flipbooks are a sure fire hit at tradeshows and conventions, as well as marketing tours or promotions.  The cover of each flipbook is custom branded with your marketing message, logo and colors.  The flipbook studio attracts attention to the booth and keeps customers there longer so your sales team can strike up a conversation with them.  It is very common for attendees to tell others and bring their colleagues back to your booth.  This unique and fun promotional idea provides your guests with a custom photo giveaway that won’t be tossed after the event.

Getting the folks in, talking them through it, and then delivering the finished book SO quickly !!!! And the covers were terrific! It all went so smoothly and I think many people besides all of us were impressed with that. I know we all appreciated your enthusiasm and upbeat attitudes; you made it FUN for everyone!

Linda Jackson // Texas Roof Management

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