There seems to be a universal desire to plan the best party possible.  To outdo the last party you threw.  To give your guests an incredible experience during “the most wonderful time of the year.”  To have the most intricate details for your wedding because, after all, you’re only going to get married once.

In general, the pressure to throw such an amazing party isn’t coming from your guests.  It’s coming from within.  It’s an internal desire to give your friends, family or coworkers an experience they are going to remember.  Once the venue, food and drinks, and DJ are taken care of, you want to think about activities to keep your guests entertained, as well as a memento or party favor to remember the fun time they had.   Photos are the perfect way to capture the fun times!

When I was getting married, photo booths were brand new to the party scene.  There were about 3 companies to choose from in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.  Six years later, photo booths are everywhere!  It is pretty common to see one at a party.  But if you are wanting something to really ‘wow’ your guests, it is worth looking into the PicFlips mobile flipbook studio.  Instead of 4 photos in a strip, the PicFlips flipbook holds 60 photos – each photo slightly different than the other, so when you flip the pages of the book, it looks like a mini movie!  It’s not just 4 poses, but 7 seconds of fun captured in a small book.  You wouldn’t believe the funny skits we’ve seen!  Some are carefully planned out with a group, and others are spontaneous and unexpected.  But they all have one thing in common.  They make the event memorable.  Once the confetti is swept up, the chairs and tables are being moved back into place, and the dance floor is being loaded up into the van, the flip book lives on and keeps sharing the memories.

So, take a little pressure off yourself and let PicFlips provide the entertainment and party favors.  Your friends will flip out.

PicFlips mobile flipbook studio

The PicFlips mobile flipbook studio is ready for the fun!