Every girl dreams of her fairy-tale wedding day complete with the gorgeous flowers, exquisite decorations, and of course, the perfect guy, but a few weddings look like they fell out of a storybook.   This was exactly how we felt for Hanna and Adrian’s wedding.  Walking into this wedding, I saw mine and probably many girls, shabby-chic, fairy-tale, dream wedding come to life.  It was the ultimate jaw-dropping, Pinterest-worthy wedding that many brides’ Pinterest boards are dotted with, but few see in person.  We were so lucky to be a part of it!

The wedding and reception was held at Poetry Springs, located just east of Dallas.  Set back from the main road, this Hillcountry-esque venue is perfect for brides looking for the burlap-and-lace or country chic look.  It features a large reception hall, complete with high ceilings, wooden rafters, a stage, and a grand staircase, perfect for an eye-catching entrance, and just outside is a picturesque ceremony site.

The event designer took burlap and lace/shabby chic to a whole new level, creating several unique seating areas, complete with ornate statues, wooden clocks, antique books, and different lounging sofas, ottomans, and chairs.  The details in each area were so precise and beautiful that I thought we had walked into a movie set for Alice in Wonderland.  There was even a canvas and burlap teepee in the corner for pictures!  The event designers could not stop there. They built us a custom backdrop for our flipbook videos, complete within a light up L-O-V-E sign, vintage couch, and pergola made out of old bed springs.  It was unreal!  A dessert bar lined one entire side of the venue, dotted with sweets to satisfy everyone’s palette, and a drink bar was complete with a special bride and groom “love potion”.  Everything dripped in hydrangeas, roses, and fluffy peonies, and the sweet aroma of flowers filled the room.

The rain has been off and all day, but the bride, unnerved by a little water, decided to continue with the outdoor ceremony, and just before guests began to arrive and take their seats, the clouds broke parted, the sun shined through, and the outdoor site was perfect.  A nice breeze even came through, so guests were handed monogrammed pashminas to stay warm.  We were lucky enough to peek through the windows to the outdoor ceremony site and see the bride walking down the aisle in her lace-covered dress.  It was gorgeous.

Guests trickled into the reception hall after the ceremony and were greeted with mason jar cocktails and bite-size hors d’oeuvres.  I could see in their faces that they too were taken aback by the exquisite decor and flowery aroma.  Soon after, the music was turned up, drinks began to flow, and the celebration really began.

Friends and family quickly lined up to make a custom flipbook, and were smitten over the handmade backdrop and shabby chic props they could use in their video.  The PicFlips photo booth soon became the hit of the party, with family and friends trying to outdo each other in who could make a funnier or more creative video.  The bride and groom met in the police academy (how cute is that?!), so many of the guests were police officers, who made hilarious arresting-each-other flipbooks.

Toast were made, bouquets were tossed, and as the last dance ended, guests began to lineup outside where the bride and grooms exit.  Soon, cheers erupted as flutter-fetti filled the air and the newlyweds ran through smiling to their limousine.

What a beautiful start to a new life together.  Congratulations, Hanna and Adrian!


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