For those of us who remember our high school days, getting ready for our prom was the highlight of the dreaded four years. Bracing ourselves for college and moving away from our dear friends was hard, but the senior prom was the one day we could forget all about the impending future and just dress up, dance and enjoy the night.

Now years later thinking back on that very night, I can vaguely remember dancing and seeing my friends. Truthfully, I can’t remember the theme or if I even had that much fun. Kind of silly when it seemed like such a big day then.

What I do remember was taking one very posed official picture with my date and a few blurry selfies on my phone. Looking back, I realize that not only do I hate my unframed, still-in-a-box prom picture, but I never even printed out one of those pictures from my phone. It’s almost like my “big day” at prom never existed.

That’s why I wish my school had hired a flipbook booth for my prom. 

Flipbook booths create a fun and unique environment that is the perfect addition to any event. With a flipbook in hand, you will remember more than just dancing and taking posed pictures years after your special day.

Because it’s more unique than your traditional photo booth, party favors or prom photographer, a flipbook will take a memorable video of you and your friends and will turn it into an interactive and physical memory you can flip through forever.

These custom keepsakes provide more than your average prom entertainment. From planning your skit and playing with props customized to your prom’s theme, to watching your books being made—it is all such a special experience. And the PicFlips staff is there to help guide you through it all.

Whether you want to lasso-spin-and-dip with your date, hold funny signs with friends or show off your dance moves, our staff is ready to help choreograph your skit and capture the perfect moment. The possibilities are endless!

To top it all off, your book comes with a specialized flipbook cover for your school, meaning you will never forget the day of your high school prom or the awesome theme you had.

Aside from the flipbook booths being a creative way to keep students entertained besides the stereotypical prom activities, the memories created with flipbooks are undeniably priceless. If you’re hoping to truly make your school’s prom a night to remember, PicFlip’s won’t let you down.

{Special guest post by our own, Laurie Bengoa…*sigh* Isn’t she amazing…}


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